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Tedi Setton

High School Educator

Prior to college, I was unsure whether my future would lie in the sciences, rather ironic considering that most of my high school elective activities had been based in one science or another. An inspirational technology teacher recruited me to my district's fledgling robotics program, and through my school's research program I spent many hours bent over samples while trying to discern if mammalian cells respond to mechanical signals in addition to chemical signals. And yet, I had wanted to keep my options open. Maybe I would discover a latent interest in interpreting the symbols in medieval crests.

Maybe not. Once I got to Wellesley College, it didn't take long for the doubts to evaporate. My first flip through the course catalog was especially enlightening: for every non-science course I had selected, I had tabbed at least four science classes to take. Instead of focusing on research again, I found internships in different disciplines of biology. For example, I learned biological anthropology and biomechanics while working for a lemur conservatory, and I held my breath with fascination when I worked at the Suffolk County Medical Examiner’s Office learning about forensic pathology.

I graduated from Wellesley with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences in June 2007. I came to the Dolan Learning Center quite unexpectedly. Dr. Jermel Watkins represented the DNALC at a Health and Wellness fair. A friend stopped by Jermel’s table and learned of an opening for an educator. I was extremely excited by the opportunity to work for CSHL, expand my knowledge of genetics, and teach. I had participated in a Learning Center course, DNA Science, when I was in high school. DNA Science was the first course I taught this past summer. I am thrilled to have come full circle.

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