Field Trips and Membership

The DNALC has been offering hands-on laboratory experiments for students since its inception in 1988. Teachers can schedule class field trips during the academic year for a one-time experience, or benefit from participation in one of our school membership programs. The DNALC has four state-of-the-art laboratory classrooms, as well as a computer classroom. School groups in western Nassau, the boroughs of New York City, and further west may opt to schedule laboratory field trips at one of our satellite facilities: DNALC West, in Lake Success or Harlem DNA Lab on 1st Avenue and 120th Street.

Middle School Program

Genetics laboratory experiences and computer laboratory activities are available for 5th through 8th grade classes during the academic year. Classes can also visit the museum exhibition Our Human Inheritance.

In the Genetics as a Model for Whole Learning Program, middle school member teachers and students receive training from DNALC staff in their schools, and visit the DNALC for additional labs and museum tours.

High School Laboratory Field Trips

Hands-on laboratory experiments for high school students in 9th through 12th grade are available during the academic year.

High School Advanced Inquiry Laboratory Field Trips

Advanced Inquiry labs are for AP, advanced elective, or research classes looking for a wet-lab experience that includes extended analysis of data.

NEW! Ötzi the Iceman Field Trips

Guided tours and packages that include a tour with hands-on, Ötzi-inspired labs appropriate for social studies, anthropology, biology, life science, and forensics classes.

Curriculum Study Program

(School District Membership)

Member school districts enjoy benefits such as preferred reservations for laboratory field trips, exhibit previews, and invitations to scientific lectures. School districts that take advantage of the DNALC's programs several times a year can economize by enrolling in this program.

Laboratory Results

Advanced level laboratory results (gel photos and DNA sequences) are posted for easy access.

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